About the Dutch Data Summit

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The Dutch Data Summit brings you a day full of knowledge, inspiration, discussion, and networking opportunities. Our speakers are experienced professionals from the data field. They will share their knowledge and opinions around carefully selected themes to inspire you. Together we will bring theory into practice during our workshops. They are designed to equip you with practical tools to use in your everyday data life. You will also have plenty of opportunity to connect with your peers in one of the lounging areas or discuss a new collaboration over a drink!


The central topics of our conference represent important developments in the data field. Our speakers will raise and answer questions like: how did we get in a situation where the use of data by our government makes headlines on a daily basis? How can we do better in terms of ethics in AI? How can we use data to promote sustainable initiatives? But also, what are the best practices of data in business? For instance, how would you go about creating a tech hub? Check our full schedule for more information. 

Themes: Business & Transitions, Ethics in AI, and Data & Education.

Organization & event location

The Dutch Data Summit will take place at ‘De Fabrique’ in Utrecht. The plenary sessions are available to everyone and will take place at the keynote hall that can host up to 120 people. You will also have the opportunity to choose your own program during the breakout sessions. We will host 3 parallel breakout sessions, each in their own designated room. To ensure everyone has the opportunity to directly engage in the discussions and workshops in our breakouts, we have limited seats available for each session. A few weeks before the event we will ask you to register for the breakout of your preference.

The Dutch Data Summit is hosted by BigData Republic, joined by Vantage AI. The contact information of the organizational committee can be found on our contact page.


The Dutch Data Summit is an independent event, where the program is filled with honorary, autonomous speakers. However, to make this day as interesting as possible, we are looking for sponsors – or better yet, partners – to support sharing knowledge with the data community. If you would be interested in hearing more about the sponsoring possibilities you can reach out to Irene Luijendijk (irene.luijendijk@bigdatarepublic.nl) or Annieke Hoekman (annieke.hoekman@bigdatarepublic.nl).

Corona related measures

The health and safety of our conference visitors is our biggest priority. That is why the Dutch Data Summit will have Corona related measures according to the policy dictated by the Dutch government. 

The most important measure to ensure everyone’s safety, is a corona check that every visitor has to pass before entering the event location. There are three ways to pass the corona check:

  1. Proof that you are fully vaccinated with an EMA approved vaccine. 

  2. A negative corona test that can not be older than 24 hours. Make your free appointment at testenvoortoegang.org.

  3. Proof that you recovered from a corona infection. Your positive test has to be at least 11 days old and can not be older than 180 days. 

We will use the Corona Check app to confirm that our visitors are safe to enter. 

Our event location has plenty of space for everyone. That means that you can keep a comfortable distance from other visitors, according to your own preference. However, we will not be able to keep 1.5 meter distance between our visitors at all times. The seats in the keynote hall and breakout rooms will have space between them, but it will not be 1.5 meter.

If, at any point in time, the government policy for events such as ours changes, we will change our measures accordingly.