Building a successful data-driven startup: Essential steps to follow

What are the opportunities, risks and challenges that come with building a data-driven startup? That's the topic of this breakout!

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About this session

Helping people become healthier with data - isn't that a cool mission? It's what drives Piet Hein van Dam, CEO and Founder at At Clear they combine a blood sugar sensor with real-time data and insight in the Clear app. That way, app users learn how their blood sugar reacts to certain foods. It allows for nutrition and lifestyle improvements, resulting in better health.

The topic of Piet Hein's breakout session: Building a successful data-driven startup - Essential steps to follow. Piet Hein has grown several startups into successful companies. He developed an approach to entrepreneurship that he now uses at Clear and he'd like to share it with us! You'll learn all about the opportunities, risks and challenges that come with running a data-centric startup.

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