Agenda 2023

The central topics of our conference represented important developments in the data field. Our speakers raised and answered questions like: how did we get in a situation where the use of data by our government makes headlines on a daily basis? How can we do better in terms of ethics in AI? How can we use data to promote sustainable initiatives? But also, what are the best practices of data in business? For instance, how would you go about creating a tech hub?

A group of remarkable speakers captivated the audience as they took the stage, delivering powerful and engaging speeches. Jac Orie explained how he uses data and exhausting training sessions to improve Dutch national ice skating results. Benjamin Strick told about his impressive and important work on fighting for human rights online using data. And did you know that the Dutch Police is utilizing data to solve crimes? The rest of the day was filled with inspiring breakout sessions, tasty food and a great atmosphere.

Themes: Business & Transitions, Ethics in AI, and Data & Education.