Integral thinking and understanding different perspectives: A key element in successful innovation projects

An interactive workshop about integral thinking and how this can help your innovation projects.

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About this session

Innovation projects can be challenging, with many obstacles standing in the way of success. But what if there was a way to overcome these challenges and drive your projects forward? On the basis of practical case studies we will explore how integral thinking and a focus on understanding different perspectives can help you do just that.

We will delve into the human aspect of innovation and change, discuss the necessity of considering various points of view and the job to be done that needs to be achieved. Robin will share real-life examples of how embracing an integral approach using the Pyramid canvas has helped organisations identify challenges, overcome obstacles, and create solutions that are more effective, impactful and actually used by end-users.

Whether you're an experienced data professional or just starting out, this session will provide you with practical tools that will help you achieve success.

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