Roundtable: The power of data science to drive sustainable energy solutions

A roundtable chat where insights and experiences will be shared linked to topical issues like the crisis of energy prices.

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About this session

This roundtable discussion is about how data science is driving sustainable energy solutions. Our host for Remy Gieling will lead the discussion of our three esteemed guests from different data-driven energy companies:  Dennis Ramondt from Sensorfact, Huib Keemink from Jedlix, and Alexander Backus from Dexter Energy. In this talk we will be exploring the ways in which data science is being used to drive sustainable energy solutions, the corresponding technical challenges and the impact it is having on the industry. Our guests will be sharing their insights and experiences linked to topical issues like the crisis of energy prices. Moreover, we encourage active participation and engagement from all attendees.

Sensorfact offers a low cost non-intrusive energy management system to industrial SMEs. It uses AI and analytics to eliminate energy waste and improve efficiency.

Dexter Energy is an Amsterdam-based startup that’s solving this problem using AI-based forecasting and optimization services for energy companies. Their software makes renewables more predictable and profitable, helping push fossil fuels out of the market, and speeding up the energy transition.

Jedlix develops a platform that optimizes the charging and discharging of electric vehicles, making it easier for them to integrate into the power grid at scale. We partner with energy companies, car manufacturers, and others to reduce the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles, monetize the flexibility of their charging process on energy and balancing markets, and optimize the use of renewable energy.

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